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I found this little guy while s/he was making a web in my backyard! It was awesome, I watched her make it for nearly half an hour. Can you guys properly ID her for me? I’m pretty sure she’s an orb weaver; while I love spiders, I’m not the best at identifying them, to say the least. xD

submitted by caterpillartoes

Yes, she is definitely an orb-weaver. The Genus is proving a little more difficult, though. Since I don’t know where this photo was taken, my guesses are going to be all over the place. Please check the locations on each spider and see if they’re even in your area.

I’m leaning towards Neoscona spp., because of the furriness of the spider, the red legs and that pattern on her abdomen. Close matches are as follows:

Neoscona crucifera- the pattern on your spider isn’t as prominent as the spiders pictured on But! If you can get a look under her abdomen, and she has a kind of black box around/between her epigynum and spinnerets, then that more closely puts her in the Neoscona genus.

Neoscona oaxacensis- she could be a colour variant of this one. The legs are certainly similar. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing linking them.

Araneus andrewsi- some of the colours match up, the legs are similar, but the pattern is proving tough to locate. As close a match in this genus as I could find.

Araneus montereyensis- very few photos of this one, but some of the traits line up.