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Hi, I'm Tobias and I know a lot about spiders. Do you need an ID? Maybe you want to know more about those loveable arachnids.
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I found a spider on Trader Joe’s flowers, which had, after an entire day alone, sewn a plant completely shut and reacted to me as a scorpion would.  It is very white with four black dots on its back, black eyes, black tips on its legs.  Please help me identify it!  I will send a picture once you let me know how to do that.  I’m located in Alexandria, VA.

Wow, what a beautiful photo of a lovely spider!

Hi, Kristin. You found a harmless female crab spider! I think she’s a Misumenoides formosipes- the white-banded crab spider. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an exact pattern match, though. They come in all yellow with black markings, white with purple, yellow with red…

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